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Martin and family, Halifax

Lee Westwood Golf Schools

Nobody wants to play FootGolf on a poor course with barely defined, unsightly and badly worn greens ! Invest in a quality DreamGreens FootGolf course with artificial greens and maximise your income and profit as well as giving your customers a much better playing experience altogether.

Images to the right:

- no defined ‘greens’

- holes badly worn

- grass kicked away leaving bare soil & mud

- image (top right) see raised lip of hole which will deflect   footballs

- unlikely to secure repeat business or recommendations

- reduction in footfall, income & profit

- all in all, a poor reflection on owner / operator

However, ‘get it right’ with a DreamGreens FootGolf course, and all the above can be reversed, as per images below:

Get it right (photos below) and you could enjoy an amazing income & profit generating FootGolf course, thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommended. The pride of any owner / operator.