To install a new  putting green or artificial lawn properly takes time, skill, and in most cases a great deal of materials; aggregate, sand, porous membrane, use of “turf cutter” and wacker plate etc  etc. Whilst a putting green is a little more complicated (cutting in of holes etc) the installation process is broadly the same - though no 2 projects are ever the same. The following images are taken from different projects but will help ‘walk you through the process’.

Typical ‘befores’:

The process:

Everything starts with “stripping” the existing surface, this takes us back to a “blank canvas”. Your lawn is effectively rolled up and taken away. We ensure all materials are delivered to site on time, often requiring quite literally tonnes of aggregate and sand (both sharp sand and kiln dried sand). We install a porous membrane then (as a rule) a layer of aggregate then “wacker plate”.

Next, we’d apply a layer of sharp sand and wacker plate again. In the image (2nd left below) you can see we’ve installed a wooden border for the putting green earlier in the process. We can now start installing your new lawn / putting green surface, jointing where necessary. This is a CRITICAL part of the process - get this wrong, and you’re in real trouble ! Finally we can trim all borders and edges and cut in golf holes (for putting greens). Most surfaces are infilled with kiln dried sand, and in the case of putting greens, this can even influence the speed of your green.

Typical “afters” - time to ENJOY !

The transformations are astonishing.

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