Whether you’re a professional or enthusiastic and keen amateur golfer, this is an exceptional opportunity for you to improve your scores, and have an amazing time practising a part of the game many ignore. Now’s your chance to enjoy a fantastic edge.

Driving ranges are full of people trying to hit balls into the distance (hooking and slicing everywhere). The shrewd way to practice, is to pay full attention to your short game.

The fastest way to  lower your golf scores and handicap is to improve your short game, and by far the greatest part of the short game is putting.

The future is here, and it’s waiting for you.

Imagine - summer evenings, barbecue on, garden parties and putting competitions. As well as improving your own golf, be the envy of your  friends and golfing buddies.

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John, Ossett, West Yorkshire Andrew & Elaine, Bingley, West Yorkshire Bob, Barnsley Bob, Barnsley John, Ossett, West Yorkshire Andrew & Elaine, Bingley, West Yorkshire Phil, Harrogate Paul, Pately Bridge Paul, Pately Bridge

The transformations are astonishing.

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